An Effective Web Tool To Create Animated Flash Charts For Your Webpage

Maintaining a website for business houses has become as much important as acquiring an office space these days. Internet has redefined the marketing strategies and corporate world had no option but to follow the trend. Today, almost all big companies own a website to display their products, promote their services or exhibit some real life data.

So it is quite common among the web developers to plot a graph or chart based on some data on the websites. Now, if you pursue traditional image based charting methods, you put huge load on your server. FusionCharts, a web tool that creates animated Flash Charts, helps you reduce your server strain by shifting the chart rendering process from server side to client side. Here the server streams the pre-copied .swf files and the .XML data to the browser and that is all. Flash Player takes the control of the process at client’s end there on.

With FusionCharts you can create varieties of charts. Stock market trends look better when plotted on a Line Chart and monthly ROI of your business becomes clearer when plotted using Column2D or Column3D Chart. FusionCharts Free and Commercial Version allow you to create:

Simple Charts with single dataset
Multi Series Charts with multiple datasets
Combination Charts and more advanced charts
To compare Monthly Sales of 2 consecutive years, one must use a Multi Series Chart that plots the Sales Amount of 12 months for 2 years in the graph. And through Combination Chart you can plot two charts on the same canvas where the charts share same X-Axis, but different Y-Axes.

FusionCharts allows a lot of interactive options like tool tips, dragging functionalities, client side chart interactivity, animation effects etc. Also, you can virtually customize each and every cosmetic and functional property of the chart so that it goes well with the styles of your website.

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